What is Inbound Marketing?

You may have often heard various terms in the world of marketing. How about inbound marketing, have you heard of it yet? Inbound marketing is one of the marketing strategies that is currently being hype and is considered effective in the marketing world.

Actually, what is inbound marketing and how does it work? Come on, find out in the following explanation.

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that maximizes the use of the internet as a marketing tool. In this case, inbound marketing utilizes digital content, SEO, social media, websites, and others to be easily found by the target audience.

The main goal of inbound marketing is to build brand awareness to the target audience. From there, the audience who likes the product or brand offered will feel the need and seek the information voluntarily.

Inbound marketing is not just about creating content to build emotional closeness. This strategy also includes how a product or brand must succeed in creating long-term relationships with its audience.

Reporting from Hubspot, inbound marketing is a method of building a business by attracting, engaging (engaging), and satisfying (delighting) the public so that trust will emerge.

So even though technology continues to develop, the inbound strategy can be a reference for running a business more humanely.

Why is Inbound Marketing Important?
When technology is not yet developed, the audience will look for product information through magazines, brochures or even billboards on the streets. With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the behavior of people in shopping and seeking information has also changed.

In this online age, most people will look for their own information on the internet. They will look for products that suit their own needs and tastes.

They can find this information on social media, YouTube videos, or even when they overhear an ad on their favorite podcast.

This is where inbound marketing should be maximized. Start with the Instagram ad feature. Advertising features on Instagram can be tailored to the intended target audience. For example in terms of age to interest.

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This will certainly make the ad more memorable and personal for the target audience.

Just imagine if someone who is in need of the product they are looking for then suddenly sees the ad. Surely sales will go up immediately if the ad is right on target. This is what inbound marketing does, getting into someone’s interest and maximizing it.

Therefore, inbound marketing is very important for brands or companies that want to increase their awareness quickly. The promotions used must also be as personal as possible to build an emotional connection with the audience.

The speed of information dissemination on the internet is also very effective in the use of inbound marketing.

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Inbound marketing also has advantages, including:

Shaping the taste and uniqueness of a brand and influencing future purchases
Generate fairly accurate data from online platforms
Help maximize the number of brand searches through SEO and make it searchable
Brand awareness is getting higher
Save cost compared to traditional marketing way
Inbound Marketing Strategy
Implementing inbound marketing is not just optimizing Ads or SEO features, you know! There are several powerful strategies in making promotions more effective in order to reach the audience.


To attract the attention of the audience, the first stage used is attracting strategies. You can start by creating relevant content such as blog articles, promos, and social media accounts.

Fill in the details of the product you are selling, testimonials, discounts, and most importantly an explanation of your product. Remember, the explanation must be relevant, which means it can provide solutions to the problems faced by consumers.

You can also deepen this strategy with an SEO strategy with targeted keywords. With SEO, your products will appear more often on search engine pages like Google.

That’s where people who need your product will find it when they enter relevant keywords.


What to do after getting a lot of customers or consumers? It’s time to take it to the next level and use engaging strategies.

In inbound marketing, companies are required to establish good relationships with customers. Make a personal product engagement with each customer so that lasting relationships and cooperation can be established in the long term.

One of the best engagements is to deepen customer service skills. Starting from providing solutions to every customer’s questions, handling good after sales, and of course creating a good communication style

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